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“Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet.”

– Colette

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Axolotl as a Pet

An Axolotl is a type of salamander popularly known as the Mexican walking fish. They are popular exotic pets because they are hardy and easy to manage...

Kitten development stages

Cats are mischievous but are the popular choice of pets in America. Well socialized cats are more desirable. Cats therefore need human contact in all stages of kitten hood.

What do Pet Tarantulas Eat?

In the wild, Tarantulas eat a wide range of insects and other small animals. Pet tarantulas can be fed on a diet of crickets supplemented with other insects...




How to make puppy milk replacer at home

How to make puppy milk replacer at home

Ideally small puppies rely on their mother’s milk for all their nutritional needs. Orphaned puppies or puppies whose mothers cannot …
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What foods can I feed my guinea pig

What foods can I feed my guinea pig?

Raising guinea pigs is easy and enjoyable. This is because guinea pigs are low maintenance, and their care is straight …
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How to make kitten gruel

How to make kitten gruel with feeding tips

The most critical stage of raising kittens is weaning them to solid food. To wean kittens smoothly to solid food …
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caring for guinea pigs as pets

Caring for guinea pigs as pets

Caring for guinea pigs as pets is easy, low maintenance and anyone can do it. However, before you get your …
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What is the quietest air pump

What is the quietest aquarium air pump?

Aquarium air pumps are simple machines that are very effective in the fish industry. However, most aquarium air pumps are …
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caring for very old cats

Caring for very old cats (Senior and Geriatric cats)

Over the past few years, cats have been living longer than they used to. This is all thanks to improved …
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