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“Our perfect companions¬†never have fewer than four feet.”

– Colette

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Axolotl as a Pet

An Axolotl is a type of salamander popularly known as the Mexican walking fish. They are popular exotic pets because they are hardy and easy to manage...

Kitten development stages

Cats are mischievous but are the popular choice of pets in America. Well socialized cats are more desirable. Cats therefore need human contact in all stages of kitten hood.

What do Pet Tarantulas Eat?

In the wild, Tarantulas eat a wide range of insects and other small animals. Pet tarantulas can be fed on a diet of crickets supplemented with other insects...




how do canister filters work

How do canister filters work? What you need to know

Generally speaking, canister filters work by forcing water from the aquarium into the canister using an inlet tube. The water …
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Why do cats love empty boxes

Why do cats love empty boxes? 6 unbelievable reasons

I have had cats all my life. When I was younger, I had a cat named Suzzy who could literally …
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Best canister filter under $100

Best canister filter under $100 in 2021

Due to the rapidly changing technology, several companies are trying to make the best canister filter in the market. The …
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Are corn snakes aggressive

Are corn snakes aggressive? Aggressive pet snakes

Corn snakes are not aggressive but may become aggressive when stressed or if they feel threatened. They are popular snakes …
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Best kitten food for weaning

What do you feed a weaning kitten? Best kitten food

You need to feed a weaning kitten on a diet that is 100% complete and healthy. This is because kittens …
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Best corn snake starter kit

Best corn snake starter kit; Unbiased review in 2021

Corn snakes are popular snakes in the exotic pet industry for several reasons. Corn snakes bred in captivity grow to …
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