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“Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet.”

– Colette

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Axolotl as a Pet

An Axolotl is a type of salamander popularly known as the Mexican walking fish. They are popular exotic pets because they are hardy and easy to manage...

Kitten development stages

Cats are mischievous but are the popular choice of pets in America. Well socialized cats are more desirable. Cats therefore need human contact in all stages of kitten hood.

What do Pet Tarantulas Eat?

In the wild, Tarantulas eat a wide range of insects and other small animals. Pet tarantulas can be fed on a diet of crickets supplemented with other insects...




Best puppy food for weaning

Best puppy food for weaning with weaning tips

The keeping of a healthy puppy depends almost entirely on the puppy’s diet. When raised by mum, puppies depend solely …
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Taking care of orphaned puppies

Taking care of orphaned puppies; 6 easy steps

Raising puppies to well socialized adults is a rewarding venture. It is easy and fun when the mother is around …
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Best cat bowl for wet food

Best cat bowls for wet food; A review and buying guide

Choosing the right cat bowls for wet food is not about picking the cutest pattern in the market. Wet cat …
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How to properly handle a tarantula

How to properly handle a tarantula

Tarantula keeping is a fascinating hobby. Tarantulas are docile pets that are fairly easy to keep. They have large hairy …
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why do cats meow silently

Why do cats meow silently?

One of the perks of keeping cats is their meows. If you are like me you get excited when you …
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Taking care of newborn kitten without the mother

Taking care of newborn kittens without the mother

The kitten season in spring and summer is one of the most trying period for most animal lovers. Perhaps you …
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